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The effect of a surface oxide film on torsional relaxation

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    Thesis (MS)--Yale, 1953.

    Statementby B.I. Edelson and W.D. Robertson
    ContributionsRobertson, W. D.
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    Colloidal gold is a sol or colloidal suspension of nanoparticles of gold in a fluid, usually water. The colloid is usually either an intense red colour (for spherical particles less than nm) or blue/purple (for larger spherical particles or nanorods). Due to their optical, electronic, and molecular-recognition properties, gold nanoparticles are the subject of substantial research, with. Role of the Surface Oxide in Whisker/Hillock Nucleation Tin surfaces exposed to air grow a tenacious native oxide which plays an important role in stress evolution by suppressing relaxation via diffusional creep of atoms to the surface. 10,14,15 Indeed, it has been shown that removal of the surface oxide by sputtering 3 or chemical etching Abstract. The microstructure and morphology evolution of Al-doped zinc oxide (AZO) and Sn-doped indium oxide (ITO) thin films on borosilicate glass substrates deposited by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering at room temperature (RT) and °C were investigated by X-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy (AFM). Abstract. Surface-roughness scattering of electrons at the Si-SiO 2 interface is a very important consideration when analyzing Si metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs). Scattering reduces the mobility of the electrons and degrades the device performance. nm and nm bulk MOSFETs were simulated with varying device parameters and mesh sizes in order to .

    @article{osti_, title = {Ultrathin body GaSb-on-insulator p-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors on Si fabricated by direct wafer bonding}, author = {Yokoyama, Masafumi and Takenaka, Mitsuru and Takagi, Shinichi and JST-CREST, Yayoi , Bunkyo, Tokyo and Yokoyama, Haruki}, abstractNote = {We have realized ultrathin body GaSb-on-insulator (GaSb-OI) on.

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The effect of a surface oxide film on torsional relaxation by Burton I. Edelson Download PDF EPUB FB2

The effect of a surface oxide film on the torsional relaxation of polycrystalline cadmium wires was investigated. The phenomenon The effect of a surface oxide film on torsional relaxation book reversal when the film is removed during relaxation, known as the abnormal after-effect, is shown to be a reproducible effect directly dependent on the presence and elastic properties of a surface by: 9.

Read the latest articles of Acta Metallurgica atElsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. The near-surface oxidation-induced lattice relaxation and compositional changes of FeNi alloy nano-particles are investigated.

Using a newly developed transfer system, the particle structure was characterised by means of aberration-corrected HR-TEM prior to exposing the particles to ambient air. This allows for a comparison of oxidised and un-oxidised particles, by: 8. The influence of surface phenomena on relaxation rates was studied.

Relaxation rates of clean wires were not influenced by the surrounding media; air, distilled water and dilute sulfuric acid. Relaxation rates of wires which had an oxide surface film were greater than those of the clean wires, and application of acid to oxidized wires caused reversals in the strain versus log time relaxation : Burton I.

Edelson. Coverage by surface oxide film species has a major effect upon the electrode kinetics of Cl 2 evolution and this is associated with large changes in the adsorption pseudocapacitance and coverage of the ‘overpotential deposited’ Cl˙ intermediate.

LA10 - N. Antonova - Effect of fibrinogen, dextrans and PEG on the blood coagulation kinetics NF10 - C. Patrascu - Stabilizing effect of a viscoelastic outer medium on a fluid thread SM12 - P. Ilg -Surface disentanglement and slip in a polymer melt: a molecular dynamics study BE12 - S.

Saha - Effect of bulk and interfacial rheology on theFile Size: 2MB. effect of naturally formed oxide films on corrosion and oxidation behaviour of az31 and az61 commercial magnesium alloys May In book: “Comprehensive guide for nanocoatings technology.

Surface effects. One usually observes faster relaxation rates for fluids inside a solid porous structure than for bulk fluids. This can be described as a surface relaxation effect, two or three fluid molecular layers having a specific relaxation rate much shorter than the bulk value.

The origin of this shorter relaxation rate, for most mineral materials like rocks, is the presence of paramagnetic centres. Glass Surfaces covers the proceedings of the Fourth Rolla Ceramic Materials Conference on Glass Surfaces.

The book presents 38 papers that are organized according to their respective theme. The text first covers the structure of subsurface layers and their role in glass technology, and then proceeds to discussing surface characterization and.

Cracking in the nanoscale native oxide film (Figure 6) has a negligible effect on a macroscopic sample of silicon under load since cracks of size a in the oxide could never reach the critical size, i.e., a c ≫h o, where h o is the native oxide thickness.

In contrast, the surface-to-volume ratio is far larger in micro- and nanoscale samples. Introduction, Definition of Surface Thermodynamic Functions, Work Needed to Create a Surface of a One-Component System: Surface Tension, The Surface Free Energy Is AIways Positive, Temperature Dependence of the Specific Surface Free Energy, Surface Heat Capacity, Cited by: Effects of surface relaxation and surface stress are taken into account in this model while they were not in the elastic model.

Studying nanoparticles with sizes varying from to nm, we show that surface relaxation occurs on a typical length of about 1 nm in the vicinity of surfaces. Surface stress effects (Important for very thin films ~ islands) Note: Difference between surface energy and surface stress for solids.

• Surface energy γ: Reversible work required to create a unit area of a surface at constant temperature, volume and chemical potential. A combination of compressive uniaxial surface stress and torsional surface stress contributes to the mechanical behavior of silicon nanowires.

Depending on the reactivity of the metal concerned, further exposure at low temperatures may result either in a progressive conversion of the bulk material to oxide or the oxidation process may effectively stop after the formation of a passivating surface oxide film of a specific thickness (e.g.

Al). For exp. values of Gm,1=N/m, we indeed obtain Gm,2= N/m for the observed value of the surface tension of the oxide. Of course, a more interesting question.

Effects of temperature, loading rate and nanowire length on torsional deformation and mechanical properties of aluminium nanowires investigated using molecular dynamics simulation. Edelson, Burton I. Overview. Works: The effect of a surface oxide film on torsional relaxation by Burton I Edelson The effect of a surface oxide film on torsional relaxation by Burton I Edelson (Book) 2 editions published.

In this chapter, it will be shown that with nanometer precision metal nanoparticles can be laterally moved on a surface of an insulator by using the AFM tip. After a general description of requirements needed for lateral manipulation experiments, the surface morphology and lateral manipulation experiments are discussed for the particular case Author: Clemens Barth.

The influence of size effects on the properties of nanostructures is subject of this book. Size and interfacial effects in oxides, semiconductors, magnetic and superconducting nanostructures, from very simple to very complex, are considered.

The most general meaning is assumed for size effects. Consistent with its tradition since inception, this 15th Edition of the International Conference on Materials Degradation in Light Water Reactors focuses on subject areas critical to the safe and efficient running of nuclear reactor systems through the exchange and discussion of research results as well as field operating management experience.

Demicellization of Polyethylene Oxide in Water Solution under Static Magnetic Field Exposure Studied by FTIR Spectroscopy. Advances in Physical Chemistry, DOI: // Peter Lin, Chii-Wann Lin, Raafat Mansour, Frank Gu.

Improving biocompatibility by surface modification techniques on implantable by: The purpose of the present study is to clarify experimentally the effects of surface tension on liquid film in upward annular flows in a vertical pipe of mm i.d.

and m long. In the experiment, air was the test gas, while water and/or a dilute water solution of Polyoxyethylene-Lauryl-Ether (PLE for short) the test liquid.

The surface tension of water was 72 dyne/cm and that of PLE 45 Cited by: 1. The dielectric relaxation behavior of nanocomposite films was analyzed in the frequency range of 10 1 to 10 6 Hz, by varying GO loading. The temperature effect was investigated over the temperature range of 40 to °C. The effect of ionic liquid (IL) was also explored by comparing the dielectric behavior of films fabricated without using Author: Ganeswar Sahu, Mamata Das, Mithilesh Yadav, Bibhu Prasad Sahoo, Jasaswini Tripathy.

In this work, mixed conducting perovskite SrTi Fe O 3−δ (STF35) thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition were applied as a model system to systematically study the effect of microstructure on oxygen surface exchange kinetics.

The impact of growth temperature on crystalline quality, orientation, grain size, surface roughness, and. In capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurements, frequency dispersion in high-k dielectrics is often observed.

The frequency dependence of the dielectric constant (k-value), that is the intrinsic frequency dispersion, could not be assessed before suppressing the effects of extrinsic frequency dispersion, such as the effects of the lossy interfacial layer (between the high-k thin film and silicon Cited by: A novel torsion/bending element for dynamic relaxation modeling Michael R.

Barnesa,1, Sigrid Adriaenssensb,⇑, Meghan Krupkab a Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY, United Kingdom bDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, United States article info.

The problem of relaxation of the charge injected into a dielectric film has been analytically solved taking into account its conductivity and carrier trapping by both bulk and surface deep traps with fast (almost instantaneous) charging and finite discharge rates.

The charge behavior in one-zone and two-zone relaxation modes has been by: 1. @article{osti_, title = {Effect of thermal annealing on the properties of transparent conductive In–Ga–Zn oxide thin films}, author = {Li, Ling and Fan, Lina and Li, Yanhuai and Song, Zhongxiao and Ma, Fei and Liu, Chunliang}, abstractNote = {Amorphous In–Ga–Zn oxide (IGZO) thin films were prepared using radio frequency magnetron sputtering at room : Li, Ling.

sample (thin-film on quartz substrate), which on absorption produces a thermal gradient near the sample surface via non-radiative relaxation induced heating. This results in a refractive index gradient in the area surrounding the sample surface (the sample is immersed in a Fluorinert FCA72 high refractive index gradient inert liquid).

The absence of conformational (torsional) relaxation is attributed to the small dihedral angle between monomers that is predicted for the stereoregular polymer in the ground state. Below −10 °C, the polymer forms excimer-like aggregates, showing vibrational structured absorption and emission bands similar to those observed in thin by: Book Chapters.

Hu, “Hot C. Hu, “Effect of Oxide Field on Hot-Carrier-Induced Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor Degradation,” Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 50 C. Hu, W.G. Oldham, “Charge Transport and Trapping Model for Scaled Nitride-Oxide Stacked Films,” Applied Surface Science, (North Holland Publishing.

Control of strain relaxation in tensile and compressive oxide thin films Abstract Tensile and compressive solid-solution thin films based on LaAlO3and CaZrO3compositions were grown on perovskite oxide substrates using pulsed laser deposition to study growth mode transitions and strain relaxation.

Electrochemical and surface topographic studies of oxide film passivation of aluminum Tak, Yongsug, "Electrochemical and surface topographic studies of oxide film passivation of aluminum " ().Retrospective Theses and Figure Surface overpotential at tunnel tip during potential relaxation.

step time 5 s. IN HCI at 65°C. Author: Yongsug Tak. A spasm of accommodation (also known as a ciliary spasm, an accommodation, or accommodative spasm) is a condition in which the ciliary muscle of the eye remains in a constant state of contraction.

Normal accommodation allows the eye to "accommodate" for near-vision. However, in a state of perpetual contraction, the ciliary muscle cannot relax when viewing distant objects. Torsional deformation behavior of cracked gold nano-wires.

Acta Mechanica(3), DOI: /s Karanvir Saini, Navin Kumar. Effect of Surface Crack and its Size on Mechanical Characteristics of Gold Nano-wires. Procedia Materials Science6, DOI: /ited by:   Bulk fluid relaxation which affects both T 1 and T 2 relaxation.

Surface relaxation, which affects both T 1 and T 2 relaxation. Diffusion in the presence of the magnetic field gradients, which affects only T 2 relaxation; These mechanisms act in parallel so that the net effects. Dielectric relaxation is the momentary delay (or lag) in the dielectric constant of a material.

This is usually caused by the delay in molecular polarization with respect to a changing electric field in a dielectric medium (e.g., inside capacitors or between two large conducting surfaces).

The obtained surface stress relaxation diffusion coefficients were consistent with those obtained earlier from silica glass fiber bending under a similar water vapor pressure.

The observed relaxation in torsion supports the mechanism of surface stress relaxation over the swelling-based mechanism for applications including glass fiber strengthening. The first relaxation in time (β) is related to the end of the cathodic reactions that took place at the metallic surface.

This relaxation is observed as a quick relaxation around −1V (with small variations depending on the system). The second relaxation (α), which occurs later in time, corresponds to ions and electrolyte leaving the by:.

Effect of Surface Charge on the Vibrational Dynamics of Interfacial Water. Journal of the American Chemical Society(34), DOI: /jae. David E. Moilanen, Emily E. Fenn, Daryl Wong and M. D. Fayer. Water Dynamics at the Interface in AOT Reverse by: Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) have been used in electronics for not only attachment of two materials but also shock absorption, thermal and electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, and optical property.

Optically clear adhesives (OCA) have been used as a core material for optical performance of display. In addition to basic properties of OCA such as adhesion strength Author: Tae-Hyung Lee, Ji-Soo Kim, Jung-Hun Lee, Hyun-Joong Kim.Surface plasmons are those plasmons that are confined to surfaces and that interact strongly with light resulting in a polariton.

They occur at the interface of a material exhibiting positive real part of their relative permittivity, i.e. dielectric constant, (e.g. vacuum, air, glass and other dielectrics) and a material whose real part of permittivity is negative at the given frequency of.